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Arthmender is a natural supplement geared towards reducing joint inflammation, promoting healing, and engendering long-term joint health. It will:

  • Reduce Inflammation and Pain.
  • Remove Toxins & Free Radicals.
  •  Counteract Autoimmunity.
  • Accelerate Tissue Repair.
  • Support Bone & Muscle Strength.
  • Improve Joint Suppleness.



100% Extracts
 Independently Tested by SGS for Quality and Safety 110% Money Back Guarantee!
100% Natural – 100% Safe

Try a Proprietary Formula for Joint Rejuvenation based on Ayurveda – the Oldest and Most Comprehensive Medical System Available.


Arthmender is a product of:

  • 5,000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom.
  • Modern testing and research.
  • Breakthrough encapsulation technique.
  • Laboratory-controlled potency.
  • Doctor-approved, carefully calibrated formula.



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Arthmender Background:

Arthmender is a herbal supplement derived from India’s Ayurvedic Medicine(also called Ayurveda). Ayurvedic Medicine is recognized as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine by the National Institutes of Health in the United States. It is one of the oldest medical systems (estimated to have originated 5,000 years ago). Nearly 80% of the population in India (900 million people) relies on Ayurveda exclusively or in conjunction with Western medicine. That’s more than the populations of North America and South America combined!





Arthmender treats the underlying causes of chronic joint inflammation – not just the symptoms!

Arthmender contains the 12 most joint rejuvenating herbal concentrates available in Ayurvedic Science and backed by clinical studies. When formulated in the correct amounts and blended by our proprietary process, 269 natural phytonutrients exert 514 synergistic activities on your body to restore joint suppleness and flexibility by reducing inflammation and pain, eliminating toxins, curtailing free radical activity, counteracting autoimmunity, improving circulation, engendering cell production and repair, shrinking inflamed tissues, preventing excessive blood clotting, lubricating and smoothing joint structures, improving calcium absorption, and relaxing and toning muscles.

Arthmender reduces inflammation and pain by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis, suppressing cyclooxygenase-1, cyclooxygenase-2, 5-lipoxygenase, and cytokines, and neutralizing leukocyte elastase and free radicals. It helps eliminate toxins by increasing fluid secretion in the intestinal mucosa and forcing waste out of the body before toxins are absorbed through the intestinal wall. Free radical (tissue damaging) activity is curtailed by inhibiting lipid peroxidation and raising levels of Vitamin C and 2,2-diphenyl-1-picryl-hydrazyl (DPPH), nitric oxide and hydroxyl radicals. Arthmender promotes healing of joints by stimulating peripheral and collateral circulation, facilitating thyroid functions and supplying Tryptophan to increase metabolism and repair activity, inhibiting platelet aggregation, reducing synovial fluid leucocyte count and lowering elevated serum transaminase levels and erythrocyte sedimentation rates, and supplying Lysine to help maintain nitrogen balance in your body.

The ingredients in Arthmender comprise a Proprietary Blend that goes to work directly on the entire musculoskeletal system with positive impact on inflammation, healing, and long-term joint health. Simply take one Arthmender capsule two times per day to maintain and intensify these effects on your body over time. For optimal results, please incorporate lifestyle guidance provided to you through medical consultation with our staff of Ayurveda doctors.

Arthmender’s Proprietary Formula for Joint Rejuvenation Gives Lasting and Meaningful Results.
No Prescription is Required to order Arthmender!




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